CSF - 8186 McLaren 720S / 765LT Twin Intercooler (Charge-Air-Cooler) Set - Attacking the Clock Racing

CSF - 8186 McLaren 720S / 765LT Twin Intercooler (Charge-Air-Cooler) Set

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McLaren 720S / 765LT Twin Intercooler (Charge-Air-Cooler) Set

Initially designed by CSF R&D partner RK Autowerks using state-of-the-art 3D scanning and prototyping equipment we incorporated a massive custom-spec CSF bar/plate air-to-water core that is 68% larger than the OEM unit. Voodoo Autosport was then consulted to further enhance the design for a complete drop-in fit installation that is truly plug-and-play.

Last but not least CSF reached out to the best tuners of the world's fastest McLarens M Engineering to performance test the coolers. Final results: 99% efficiency (vs. OEM 94%) along with lower pressure drop across the cooling system.CSF's core technology is also more resistant to heat soak compared to the OEM plate-type intercooler core. Not only is the core proven to lower IATs but also maintains a more consistent lower average temperature - this is ideal for achieving optimal performance on vehicles with larger/upgraded turbochargers as well as maintaining maximum efficiency during racing or demanding driving conditions with repeated pulls such as at the drag strip or half-mile events. Performance testing resulted in lower outlet air temperatures from the CSF Intercoolers showing almost no increase in intake air temperatures during the entire course of the dyno pull.

Not only do the CSF Intercoolers perform better than the OEM but also decrease the pressure drop at high air mass flow as well. The OEM intercooler system resulted in approximately 1.0psi of pressure drop vs. the improved performance of CSF's upgraded intercooler kit showing approximately 0.75psi of pressure drop.

Custom-Spec High-Performance CSF Bar/Plate Core Built In-House

CSF The Cooling Experts have been serving the US aftermarket for almost 4 decades. With over 30 million units sold CSF is your exclusive source for Radiators Condensers Intercoolers Inverter Coolers Racing Radiators and Pressure Caps.; Made in the USA; 68% Increase in Core Volume vs. OEM - Efficiency Tested at 99% by M Engineering vs. OEM 94%; Single Core Dual-Pass Design vs. Inefficient Multiple Core Design Found in Competitors Lower Quality/Less Efficient Offerings; Pressure Tested to 4bar (58psi); CNC Machined 6061 Aluminum Billet End Tanks Designed and Produced by RK Autowerks; Finished in CSF's Aerospace-Grade Thermal Dispersion Space Grey Coating for Maximum Heat Transfer Efficiency and OEM+ Aesthetic; Integrated Dual 1/8-NPT Methanol Injection Bungs Positioned on Outlet Tank for Post-Intercooling Reduction of IATs - Come Pre-Plugged For Vehicles Without Methanol Injection (Can Also Be Used As Sensor Ports); Complete Drop-in Fit Package With No Modifications Required for Installation (Can Be Installed From the Rear Wheel Well Without Removing the Downpipes); Includes Laser-Cut Machined Brackets and Reinforced Silicone Couplers for Throttle Body Connections

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