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CSF - 8168 Porsche 911/930 Turbo OEM + Performance Oil Cooler

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Porsche 911/930 Turbo OEM + Performance Oil Cooler

With customized 930 Porsches more popular than ever it seems every aspect of these classic cars have been improved upon. However to the dismay of many in the Porsche world the oil cooling system to keep these cars running cool has remained original with very few advances in performance and technology. Because of this the OEM oil cooler has become extremely expensive and hard to get. The OEM supplier has limited the production of these oil coolers which has caused many Porsche mechanics and parts suppliers to buy up any available inventory - making it increasingly difficult to purchase an OEM oil cooler at an affordable price.As a leader in water-cooled Porsche performance cooling CSF started to get many inquiries for classic Porsche oil cooling products. After market research CSF was very surprised to uncover the disconnect between OEM supply and market demand as well as the lack of high quality aftermarket replacement units available. Further (up until this CSF release) there have been no improvements in technologies features or any high-performance oil coolers ever introduced to keep up with the advancements in Porsche restoration. After more than 18 months of development and a $20k+ investment into the perfect oil cooling tube and fin combination CSF has answered the call of Porsche enthusiasts around the world with the introduction of its state-of-the-art 911/930 Turbo right fender oil cooler. This oil cooler maintains the classic design for even the most discerning concourse-winning restoration customer but comes packed with innovative modern technologies features and high performance to also meet the demands of high horsepower builds with bigger engines larger turbos and standalone ECU management systems. Something that's never been done and now exclusively available from CSF.

50mm Core vs. OEM 45mm; CSF The Cooling Experts have been serving the US aftermarket for almost 4 decades. With over 30 million units sold CSF is your exclusive source for Radiators Condensers Intercoolers Inverter Coolers Racing Radiators and Pressure Caps.; 100% TIG Welded; Performance increase of approximately 10%; Innovative Square Fin Design (Stronger Better Performance Less Clogging); M22 x 1.5 Inlet/Outlet Connections; Three Fittings Included for Temperature Sender Mounting: Threaded Plug (For Use With No Fan) M14 x 1.5P Adapter (For Use With OEM Fan) ; Drop-in Fit With No Modifications Necessary for Installation; Slotted Mounting Holes for Easier Installation (Ideal for Retrofitting in Early Models 1965-1983); Included Bracket Weld for Additional Strength (Same as OEM); Individually Pressure Tested at 8bar (116psi)

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