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Attacking the Clock Racing (ATC) is a premier motorsport race shop that specializes in building and preparing road race vehicles. With our expertise in aerodynamics, custom carbon fiber work, and race prep we offer customers top-notch services. ATC's commitment to excellence allows us to create quality parts and builds that meet each customer's needs with precision. In a short time, ATC has become an industry leader by delivering exceptional customer service alongside their superior standard of work!If you're looking for performance parts sales & installation, aerodynamics, alignment & corner balancing, FIA-spec roll cage & chassis fabrication or any other racing related service – contact us at ATC today for a free quote!

Performance Parts Sales & Installation
: Air Jacks, Fuel Systems, Safety Nets, Race Seats & Harnesses, Steering Wheels, Coilovers, Fire Suppression, Turbochargers, Brake Lines, etc.

Aerodynamics: Custom Carbon Fiber Splitters, Diffusers, Canards, Flat Bottom, Chassis-Mounted Wings

Race Alignment & Corner Balancing

FIA-Spec Roll Cage & Chassis Fabrication

Custom Carbon Fiber and Composites Fabrication

Design and Consulting / SEMA Builds

Complete Motorsport Car Builds

Track-side Support 

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