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Established in 2020, Attacking the Clock Racing is a family-owned, full-service race car/performance shop and parts reseller. We specialize in High-End Race Car Builds, Track Prep, Fabrication, Custom Carbon Fiber, and Performance Parts Sales/Installation.
We build our race cars using products by the brands we carry!
ATCR is managed by ATC Group, LLC, and is the exclusive US distributor of HEL Performance - Automotive.

Shawn Bassett

Shawn Bassett 2021 Pikes Peak

Owner | Lead Builder/Fabricator | Driver

Shawn's passion for racing started at an early age, beginning with building bikes and cars. Since the age of ten, and over the past 26 years, he has raced a bit of everything including Sport Bikes, Flat Track, Superminis, Supermoto, and Time Attack. In 2004, Shawn began two-wheeled racing with sanctioning bodies as a hobbyist. 
Inspired by the physical, mental, and mechanical engineering challenges of running one of the most demanding courses in the world, Pikes Peak, Shawn began to build his purpose-built all-carbon 240Z in 2016. 
Shawn's Z has become among the most recognizable Z's out there today. Realizing his bucket list dream, Shawn successfully competed in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in 2020 & 2021.
Using all of the skills and knowledge from a lifetime of building and racing, Shawn has turned his passion into his business. In 2020, Shawn and Jaime came together to form ATC Racing.

Jaime Harvey (soon-to-be Bassett)

Jaime at Pikes Peak 2020

Owner | Finance | Operations

Jaime is new to the auto/racing industry but is learning quickly! Jaime earned a Master of Business Administration from the University of Central Florida in 2016 and has over 10 years experience running her family business.
You can usually find her in her office with an iced coffee and a laptop clicking away! Though, she is always up for getting her hands dirty; assembling new products, building brake lines, and helping out at the racetrack!

Rich Sydney

Rich Sydney with a rescue Raccoon

Lead Mechanic

Rich was raised around the track. Drag racing on weekends with his family and eventually moving on to racing motorcycles competitively. After a few seasons of racing CCS he moved onto racing Supermoto with the Florida Supermoto Series, where he and Shawn Bassett met roughly 15 years ago. 

After completing the 2010 Pikes Peak Hill Climb with an 8th place finish in the 450cc SM class, he started racing more in 4 wheeled race events, mostly drag racing and in the 24hrs of Lemons Races. 

He began working with Shawn on the Z as soon as it was purchased, up through today. Rich began working, and eating lots of donuts, as Lead Mechanic at Attacking the Clock Racing in October 2021.

Britain Johnson

Britain Johnson at Road Atlanta

Junior Technician



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Thank you for all of your professionalism and quality and for being a bright light on this dream car build for me!

Clyde M.
Delray Beach, FL

Race shop is super clean and they did killer work on my 350z

Tony P.
Orlando, FL

Exceeded my expectations and cannot wait to get to the track

Joe P.
Miami, FL