1991 Nissan Skyline GTR r32 Time Attack Stunner


Not your everyday street Skyline GTR! We took a minty-fresh GTR and gave it the full Attacking the Clock Racing treatment! Serious aero, paint, carbon fiber, suspension, mechanical and wiring all done in house!


    • Full ATCR Aero Package with front splitter + custom splitter rods, full flat bottom, rear diffuser
    • Custom Carbon Fiber front fenders
    • Hood Latches
    • Trunk mounted race wing
    • SPL Parts suspension arm set up
    • Custom jack points
    • HEL Performance custom brake lines and fittings
    • Custom mounted EVS Tuning GTLM Aero Mirrors
    • Intercooler and charge piping Fabrication & Install
    • Sabelt Steering Wheel with Quick Release Mount
    • Antigravity Batteries ATX30-RS + Mele Design Firm Battery Mount
    • Fire Suppression
    • Install racing seats and safety harnesses
    • Tuning Coordination
    • Mount and Balance Toyo Tires R888R DOT Tires
    • Race alignment and corner balance
    • ATCR Team Livery


We're not done yet! More to come on this build, including a DCT swap, Garrett Turbo, and Radium fuel system!



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